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Fund managers use our Descriptors service to make their funds more attractive to both retail investors and advisers licensed to use the FinaMetrica risk profiling system.

Descriptors, for investment managers wishing to link their marketing and educational materials more closely with the investment suitability methodologies used by subscribing advisers. Typically this will be additional to the mapping services for multi-asset portfolio suites.

Descriptors are a development of the market-proven FinaMetrica Risk and Return Guide. The widely acclaimed guide has been used by our subscribers since 2001 to successfully frame their clients' investment expectations. The guide's portfolio reports are derived from comprehensive analysis of historical portfolio performance. They take a unique perspective of investment performance based on a combination of investor responses to the FinaMetrica test and feedback from many of the leading edge financial advisors who use the test.


There are five pages of information per portfolio. In addition to the usual analysis, there are many unique illustrations. For example, portfolios rise, fall and recover but how often for, say, a 70% stocks portfolio? Perhaps surprisingly, it depends on how often you look!

The information is presented in words, numbers and pictures in a manner that is meaningful to investors. The most recent 10 years is compared with up to the last 40 plus years. Fund managers may choose to use all or a subset of the information for their funds.

Descriptors generally take four to eight weeks to complete. For more information contact

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