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Mapping Services

Fund managers use our Mappings service to make their funds more attractive to advisors licensed to use the FinaMetrica risk profiling system by having FinaMetrica map each fund to the appropriate range of FinaMetrica risk tolerance scores.

Portfolio mapping is a critical part of an advisor’s investment suitability process. Advisors have an obligation to take into account a client's risk tolerance when giving investment advice. FinaMetrica asset allocation mapping links risk tolerance scores to investment portfolios enabling an apples-to-apples comparison between risk tolerance and portfolio risk. Advisors are able to select a fund that is consistent with their client's risk tolerance which can then be tested against the client's financial goals and risk capacity so as to arrive at a suitable recommendation.


FinaMetrica's mapping service was first developed at the behest of independent financial advisors in the United Kingdom seeking to reduce regulatory and business risks, diminish business processing frictions and improve client communications.

Details of the fund managers whose funds are being mapped and the mappings themselves can be found here.

Mappings generally take four to eight weeks to complete. For more information contact

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