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Robo Services (Investor Profiler)

In the absence of a comprehensive financial plan, an Investor Profiler can be used to recommend a specific asset allocation from one or more sets of asset allocations to an individual who is investing a specific sum of money for a specific purpose - with or without input from an advisor.

An Investor Profiler is a solution for a licensee with a retail investment site or a licensee with mainstream advisors who would find comprehensive planning and best practice regarding risk tolerance beyond that their skills/interests. The Investor Profiler is delivered to the investor/advisor from a website.

An Investor Profiler will usually involve the following components:

  • questions on Time Horizon, Risk Capacity and Investment Experience,

  • the FinaMetrica 12-question risk tolerance test,

  • mapping to third-party asset allocations, and

  • alert messages when a recommendation cannot be made.

An Investor Profiler generally takes three to four months to complete. For more information please refer to our overview document or contact

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