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Due Diligence

Certification of the FinaMetrica Test

The statement from the University of New South Wales Applied Psychology Unit verifying the psychometric qualities of the FinaMetrica test and that FinaMetrica meets or exceeds the requirements for a test of this kind.

 UNSW Certification



Technical Manual for the FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Test

The technical manual provides information about the development of the FinaMetrica risk tolerance test and the psychometric qualities of the test.

 Technical Manual



Survey of Financial Risk Tolerance - Australian Technical Paper

A technical report on the results of a trial of a psychometric risk tolerance test involving 247 respondents, including 198 clients of 25 experienced financial planners.

 SOFRT Paper


Due Diligence Checklist

Advisors are responsible for the processes and tools used in formulating advice. Advisors must satisfy themselves that, at a minimum, any tool used is both fit for purpose and true to label. Use this list of questions to help you conduct due diligence on any risk tolerance test in the market.

 Due Diligence Checklist
 FAQ: Do I need to conduct due diligence on a risk tolerance test?

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