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With expertise in risk tolerance profiling and the application
to real business and client situations, FinaMetrica can help your
business create clients for life.

Risk Tolerance Toolkit

Best for: Financial advisors, independent and enterprise

How to use: Our cloud based service portal

Our original risk tolerance profiling tool, helping advisors to understand their clients with simple questionnaires and advanced analytics.

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Mapping Services

Best for: Fund managers, enterprises and auto-advice

How to use: Custom reports for product fact sheets

Map risk tolerance profiles against your portfolios to provide better information to investors – your sales team will love it. Doing this with FinaMetrica gives an empirical basis with scientific rigour that means you’ll communicate with clarity.

Access current mapped funds and model portfolios. For more information contact mappings@finametrica.com.

View mapping services overview document

Investor Profiler (Auto-Advice)

Best for: Auto-advice and enterprise level advice

How to use: Fully hosted or plug in to your platform

Map your client’s risk tolerance profile to your portfolios to give your auto-advice platform a human understanding. Can be used in a direct to consumer platform or to provide a consistent enterprise engagement tool.

For more information contact info@finametrica.com.

View investor profiler overview document


Best for: Fund managers, enterprises and auto-advice

How to use: Custom reports

Help frame your client’s expectations by taking advantage of our unique historical analysis. It explains the risk and return of your portfolios in the context of your client’s risk tolerance.

Descriptors generally take four to eight weeks to complete. For more information contact info@finametrica.com.

Use FinaMetrica's smart and rigour inside your own platform.

Risk Profiling Engine (RPE) web services

Embed our risk tolerance profile questionnaire and reporting functionality directly into your platform via web service calls. This option gives you full control over the look and feel of the risk tolerance profile process.

There is no client data exchanged, only a log file of calls made and no interaction with FinaMetrica’s cloud base service portal.
View RPE Functional Specifications

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Advisors can seamlessly click through from a third party platform to FinaMetrica’s cloud based service portal. Offers client data integration across platforms.
View SSO Functional Specifications

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