EBI Portfolios

EBI Portfolios is the UK's leading provider of Evidence Based portfolios (templates and managed) and supporting resources to a select group of the UK's most knowledgeable and forward-thinking independent Financial Advisors. By working with a "Turnkey" solution as provided by EBI Portfolios advisers free up time, improve the robustness of their investment proposition and inevitably this increases practice profitability whilst reducing risk.

EBI Portfolios has pioneered a unique partnership with FinaMetrica. This is the first time FinaMetrica has provided its full descriptor service to a UK fund manager. The descriptors deliver an extensive historical risk and return profile for all of EBI's portfolio suites, based on EBI Portfolios simulated performance data. This front to back consistency of data from initial FinaMetrica analysis to the final implementation of an EBI Portfolio is a clear step forward in making the risk analysis process more robust.

EBI advisers interested in accessing this services can contact enquiries@ebip.co.uk for further information.