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The Company

PlanPlus Inc. and FinaMetrica of Australia merged into PlanPlus Global on Aug. 1, 2017.

FinaMetrica offers the Risk Tolerance Toolkit™ which incorporates a psychometric personal risk tolerance profile and supporting methodologies to help advisors and enterprises create lifelong relationships. The Toolkit™ was launched in 1998 and has since gained international recognition as the world’s best practice. It is maintained with expertise from the London School of Economics, and it’s reliability and validity is backed by over one million uses from financial advisors in over 20 countries.

Canada-based PlanPlus provides multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional financial and investment planning software for advisors and financial enterprises. PlanPlus services are built on a state-of-the-art web technology and integration platform. For the past 25 years PlanPlus has been developing software tools for personal financial and investment planning, and has become recognized around the world for its groundbreaking PlanPlus Planit software.

The Team

  • Paul Resnik
    Co-founder & Director
    Paul Resnik
    Co-founder & Director
    Paul Resnik commenced in the financial services industry in Australia in 1970.

    Since then he has worked in a broad array of roles including establishing and being founding executive of financial planning, funds management and life insurance businesses.

    Since 1991 he has been an industry consultant providing product and distribution advice to all of Australia’s major banks, life companies and most funds managers and financial planning groups.

    Paul is a regular commentator on industry issues in both the media and on conference stage.
  • Nicki Potts
    Chief Operating Officer
    Nicki Potts
    Chief Operating Officer
    Nicki has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry spanning across sales and marketing, research and development and operations. Nicki offers valuable insight and technical expertise to ensure clients' expectations are met and exceeded.

    Nicki joined the FinaMetrica team in 2002, after completing her Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Information Systems) at the University of New South Wales.

    During her time at FinaMetrica, Nicki completed her Graduate Diploma in Psychology at the University of Sydney and her Diploma in Financial Services - Financial Planning.

    When time and weather permits, Nicki enjoys hiking and camping out in the Australian bush.
  • Alan Ha
    Technology Manager
    Alan Ha
    Technology Manager
    Alan joined the FinaMetrica team in December 2002, after completing his Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Finance and Information Systems) at the University of New South Wales. During his time at FinaMetrica, he completed various certificates in Network Administration from TAFE NSW and ultimately went on to undertake further studies at UNSW.

    In 2006, Alan completed his Master of Commerce (majoring in Strategic Value Management) with a strong focus on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management.

    Alan has been dubbed as the "dessert connoisseur" of the office and is known for his broad sartorial knowledge, which he frequently shares with colleagues.
  • Meseret Goodsell
    Financial Operations Supervisor
    Meseret Goodsell
    Financial Operations Supervisor
    Meseret joined FinaMetrica in May 2017.  She is a CPA graduate accountant with several years of experience in various industries. 
    Outside of work Meseret enjoys socialising, sightseeing and travelling.   
  • Priyanka Rahman
    Sales Support
    Priyanka Rahman
    Sales Support
    Priyanka began working for FinaMetrica in May 2015. She holds a Diploma in Human Resources Management, and 5 years' experience working in HR departments and training organisations.

    In her spare time Priyanka enjoys baking, volunteering at a community kitchen and attending film festivals.
  • Albert Hong
    Research Officer
    Albert Hong
    Research Officer
    Albert joined the FinaMetrica team in 2016. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Econometrics (majoring in Finance, Econometrics and Actuarial Studies) and has 4 years’ experience within financial services.

    Outside of work Albert enjoys the world of combat sports and video games.

Regional Alliance Partners

FinaMetrica has regional alliances with others involved in the financial services industry in various countries. These alliances offer on the ground support for advisors seeking more information on the FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Toolkit™.

PlanPlus Inc. is a privately owned corporation with its Head Office located northeast of Toronto, Canada. For the past 20 years, PlanPlus Inc. has developed various software tools for use by financial institutions, professional advisors and the consuming public to perform "personal financial and investment planning". 

PlanPlus offers both goal-based and cash-flow based planning options to subscribing advisors. PlanPlus has become a world-recognized firm with its groundbreaking software PlanPlus Planit and industry-leading training and service offerings. PlanPlus currently has users in a dozen countries and many language options for both advisors and clients.

FinaMetrica and PlanPlus Inc. merged in August, 2017 forming PlanPlus Global. The two firms have collaborated together for over a decade, sharing a deeply-held belief that customers and providers all benefit when rigorous academic research underpins financial advice processes.

For sales enquiries, please email

For technical support, please call Toll-Free (Canada & US) 1-800-601-1762.

Roderic Rennison is FinaMetrica’s Strategic Partner in the UK. His whole career spanning more than 40 years has been spent in financial services, encompassing a variety of roles ranging from sales, sales management, strategy, product development and proposition and latterly, corporate activity together with regulatory focus. He works with FinaMetrica to provide support in the development of their activities in the UK and in particular focuses on FinaMetrica’s relationships with enterprise clients in relation to digital/”robo” advice, mapping, and suitability.

+44 (0) 7977 277416
London, UK

FCM Finanz Service GmbH vermittelt insbesondere Lizenzen und Online-Verträge über Software und Assessments für Dritte sowie Unternehmensberatung. Wir sind Partner von FinaMetrica und als solcher zuständig für die Vermarktung und Vermittlung von Dienstleistungen und Produkten von FinaMetrica in allen D-A-CH Ländern. So gehört insbesondere das Riskprofiling von FinaMetrica - ein Online-Assessment zur Erfassung der finanziellen Risikobereitschaft - zu unserem Portfolio.

Veranstaltungen der FCM Finanz Service GmbH: Wir bieten regelmäßig kostenfreie Infowebinare zum Thema „Risikoprofiling mit dem System von FinaMetrica“ an, damit Sie FinaMetrica besser kennenlernen.

+49 (0) 611 204 99 86
Wies­baden, Germany


The Institute of Behavioral Finance is an independent research and training institution aimed at the study and promotion of the behavioral finance discipline. Our mission is to add value and enhance the professional status of the investment sector in South Africa* and in so doing serving the interests of financial planners and clients.

By incorporating the work of knowledgeable researchers and academics, the Institute tries to find better explanations for investor decision-making and market anomalies that have been noted but not really explained within Southern Africa over the past couple of years.

+27 082 881 6159
Johannesburg, South Africa

*Support for South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Nayan is responsible for driving business strategy in the Indian Market.
Before joining FinaMetrica, He has spent nearly  18 years  in the field of BFSI Sector & Expertise in Launching new products, process implementation & have accumulated strong domain knowledge. Handled almost all financial products right from product conceptualization to Launching and promoting the products.
He has worked with companies like Kotak Securities Ltd, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co.Ltd, Standard Chartered Finance Ltd, ICICI Securities Ltd & Intellect Design Arena Ltd.
He is a Certified Financial Planner & holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from D.G Ruparel College (Mumbai) & Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Syndenham Institute of Management (Mumbai), with specialization in Finance.
He also holds a Professional Diploma in Software Technology & System Management from NIIT.
A resident of Mumbai City, Nayan enjoys Singing, watching movies, listening to music in different languages, learning new languages, traveling & food lover, some day he would like to own a few food trucks in different countries. 

+91 9769114622

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