A Key Voice of the Independent Financial Advisor with the Public, the Industry, the Regulators and the Media!

The South African Independent Financial Advisors Association (SAIFAA) is a “non-profit company” (CIPC Registration NPC Number 2017/231092/08) that will pursue the following two broad objectives on behalf of its members:-

1. To promote the value of “independent financial advice” in a modern financial services market, and the critical role of independent advisors in delivering this advice, to the media/regulator/public at large.

2. To be recognised as a key “voice of the independent financial advisor community”, with a mandate to represent our members with the regulator and the media.

The SAIFAA Mission Statement – Our mission is to be a key voice of the Independent Adviser in South Africa particularly relating to regulatory, media and product issues. We will help develop a sustainable independent advice industry that is relevant to the divergent needs of investors in our country and will strive to ensure that our members act in a professional manner at all times, with due care for the interests of the investing public.

We believe that the public, regulators and government need a robust healthy financial services market and the “independently owned and registered sector after the implementation of RDR” that is going to be an important element to give consumers choice and maintain balance!

As a SAIFAA advisor, you’re entitled to receive a 20% discount off our standard price. Please select SAIFFA under Alliance when subscribing.